Climate Letter #1058

What climate change is doing to the Alps (TIME magazine).  The pictures that go with this story are incredible.  The life of a skier is not what it used to be.
A catalog of the many ways that climate change is already having an impact on the American West.  ““Since 2001, every year has brought more evidence that the world is changing around us, some in ways that have been anticipated for decades and some in ways that are very surprising.”
The New York Times explains why soil is the best medium for capturing carbon.  Proven methods are out there waiting to be used, with multiple advantages that make this a highly cost-effective choice.  One of the advantages that is not too well known is that regenerative soils are much better at absorbing water, which may often be scarce.
–If you want to dig deeply into this subject, here is a website that has plenty of basics to offer:
Other ways to capture carbon are also worth pursuing.  This rather lengthy article from Quartz covers a range of possibilities.  One of the keys to success lies in development of large, high-paying markets for all the CO2 that is produced, rather than trying to store it in the deep underground.  The article includes a great story about how the city of London faced up to and solved its sewage problem back in the 18th century, at a considerable cost that everyone realized was worth the results achieved.
If all else fails, there is an ultimate solution to climate change.  Just give up wealth.  Assuming only that a small minority of the world’s population are willing to do so, there are no technological barriers to prevent success.  This story from Vox puts it all into perspective quite nicely.
–And one more thing, not to be overlooked, we may all have to give up meat.
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